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A place to bitch, moan, argue or rejoice (yes, really) about having Diabetes
Please email forumhelp@realitycheck.org.au with any queries.

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Welcome to Reality Check’s Discussion Forum

On this page you will find:

Introduction to the Forum

Reality Check does not endorse, and has not verified, any of the information on the Forum, and accepts no responsibility for postings.

We don't have health professionals moderating the Forum and the only source of medical knowledge is our varied experience with the condition known as Diabetes. The intention is to provide a space where we can exchange our experiences with Diabetes and Life. Or with Life and Diabetes. Or just with Life. If these exchanges happen to inspire you to seek out a new way of doing something to improve your lot, then so much the better. But please do not rely solely on the information in postings - always seek expert medical advice before making any significant changes to your regime.

Forum Rules

Respect for others is a definite. We're a good natured bunch. There's lots of room both for decent debates and light-hearted banter on this Forum. By and large there is no moderating since it's been our experience that the Forum moderates itself fairly well.

The Forum is a place where you can share your experiences, ask questions and learn from the amazing wealth which is others' experiences of living with diabetes. The Forum is managed entirely by volunteers who also happen to have diabetes.

However, please be aware that if you post something off topic, mean, or just plain stupid, we will delete it and kick you out.

We ask that you be especially careful about providing medical advice to others in the Forum. Speak as openly and expansively as you wish about your own experiences. But please refrain from instructing people to change their medical treatments, or making changes to your own treatment, without consulting a doctor about your individual symptoms and medical history.

The managers of the Forum reserve the right to delete any post for any reason. We also reserve the right to believe that people are essentially good, and we trust that you will play your part in maintaining the Forum as a warm and friendly place for all, new and old, to visit and enjoy.

The following are definitely not OK:

  1. Flaming- Inflammatory, aggressive or abusive messages directed at fellow posters on the Forum, for whatever reason.

  2. Trolling - Being a royal pain in the rear. This includes, but is not limited to, posting offensive messages only to incite anger, posting the same thing over and over again to waste space and ruin the flow of the Forum and the hurling insults left and right in hopes of starting a flame war.
    (Trolling is not someone who -- in the course of a real debate or discussion -- pisses you off with a opinion that is different from yours. That is quite ok, don't expect any intervention)

  3. Address Harvesting - is also not on for whatever purpose. If you want to use participants in one of your surveys, contact Reality Check to get support. It's the nice way to do it. Remember, people often provide their email address to help other participants get directly in contact. It's just not decent to lift their address for your own evil ends.

  4. Soliciting- Companies and individuals may not post anything which solicits new customers or promotes their products or services under any circumstances. If you've just heard about some kick-arse new fangled technology that you want to tell us about, that's ok. If you want to market and sell that kick-arse new fangled technology on the Forum, that's not ok. If, having read this, you're still not quite clear - email Reality Check and we will clarify.

  5. Bumping – We do not allow posting of responses with just the word “bump” or something else equally vacant for the sole purpose of keeping your post prominent in the Forum. We do however welcome updates or new ideas to be added as responses to your posts to bring it back to prominence. Be creative.

  6. Advertising- We do not allow advertisements for the sale of medical equipment such as insulin pumps or blood glucose metres, however much of a bargain you are offering, on the Forum. If you or your company has a new product to promote, please email Reality Check and, depending on the circumstances, we may be interested in promoting your product or your special offer to our members. We have a mailing list which is much larger than the people who visit the Forum, so contacting us is a better option for you anyway.

  7. Directly recruiting to research projects – We are extremely supportive of new research, be it clinical, psychosocial, marketing or strategic. In fact, Reality Check has quite a bit of experience in designing effective mechanisms to solicit the experiences and opinions of young adults, and we will be pleased to talk to you about your project. Unfortunately, not all researchers are legitimate, so we ask you to provide details of your project and ethics approval where appropriate, directly to the managers of Reality Check BEFORE recruiting. Please email Reality Check so that we can work with you to find the best method for promoting your project through our network.

Keeping safe. Please read if you are under 18 ….

Everyone needs to be sensible and cautious about sharing information about themselves on the internet.

If you are under 18 and using the Reality Check website, we ask that you and your parents/carers read the following and stick to this advice:

  • Always ask permission from your parent or carer before you give anyone on the Internet your name or address or any other personal details. This includes the name of your school, your photo or any personal information about your friends and family.

  • Remember that people you might meet online may not be who they say they are. Someone claiming to be a 12 year old girl could really be a 40 year old man.

  • If you want to arrange to meet someone you have so far only met online ask a parent or another adult to go with you and always meet in a public place, preferably during the day.

  • Tell your parents or another adult you trust if you see upsetting language, nasty pictures or something scary on the internet

For more information, visit Chat Danger - http://www.chatdanger.com/ - how to keep safe in chat rooms.

Making the most of the Forum

Our Forum is very active, with hundreds of posts every day, and hundreds of regular members who have formed a strong online community. There are some simple things you can do to quickly get the information or help that you are looking for from the Forum. We are keen for you to join us and contribute to keeping our community supportive and enjoyable, and the following tips are drawn from the managers’ many years experience of online communities.

  • Give your post a clear and detailed title. The title is not your introduction; it’s an attention-grabber. If your post is called “Do you ever do this?” it will get missed and you’ll feel neglected. If you call it “Ever got really drunk and forgotten your shot?” you’ll meet people with helpful and relevant stories to share. Similarly, a post called “Exams…” is not much help to us, but “Exams coming up, advice please” is much clearer. Write the title last, after you finish your message. That way you can more easily summarise what your message is – this is the point of a title.

  • Don’t direct posts to a single person. All posts are there to be read by anyone and everyone. We do not encourage or allow posts called “For Johnny” or “Are you OK Bob”. If you want to get in touch with a member of the Forum, please email Forumhelp@realitycheck.org.au with a message and the member’s username on the Forum (not just their real name, that doesn’t help us!) and we can look up their email and send yourWhen you message on to them. We can’t guarantee they’ll reply, and they are not obligated to.

  • Picture the guy who’s never Googled diabetes before. When posting and responding, please do think before you click about the person on the other side of the city, or the world, who might be reading your posts. Picture someone who has had diabetes forever but never asked anyone the tricky questions; this is the first time he Googles diabetes and after an hour he stumbles across our Forum. Would your posts scare him off?

  • Put your Location in your Profile. Update your profile to tell us in what part of the world you live. It will make answering your questions, and understanding your stories much easier. We have members from all around the world. A city, state or country is enough – don’t be too specific.

  • Search! Before you post, hit Search at the top of the screen to see if we have recently discussed your topic – and provided witty and informative answers. Feel free to post a response and bring back to life an old discussion.

  • Use the Quote function well. If you’re responding to a specific part of a long discussion, click the Quote button on the part that you are referring to – THEN don’t leave the entire message in your quote - highlight and delete out all but the part you want to refer or respond to. This might take some practice, but please use the function properly.

  • Share your experience. This is so important it gets a mention in the rules too. The Forum is here for sharing experiences, and sharing things we’ve learned through our experiences. It is not for telling each other how to live our lives. It is not helpful to cut and paste medical information out of other websites or books. Add your story, share your challenges. When saying what works or went wrong for you, give us some context – a simple distinction like whether you are newly-diagnosed or a veteran of 30 years, makes for a much better conversation.

  • Instant gratification. It can be exciting and fulfilling to know the exact answer for someone’s random, tricky question. And it can be pretty cool to have a website where your name is up in lights, maybe a thousand times, for all to see. Just have a reflect on the instant gratification you’re getting as you hit post. There’s no competition to respond to every single message, or contribute every single thought that crosses your mind. Go for quality, considered posts and you’ll fast earn respect from the community.

  • All admin issues, good and bad, direct to the moderators. With technical hitches, log in problems, complaints or constructive criticism about the Forum or Reality Check in general, please email Forumhelp@realitycheck.org.au. This address is prominently blazed across the top of the Forum so you can’t forget it. Posting admin stuff on the Forum is not the best way for us to deal with anything, and disrupts the Forum from doing what it does best.

And above all, be respectful. Kind, thoughtful, considered, funny and reflective will also be tickets to success and fame. Do unto others … you know the drill. If you want people to help you, or make you laugh, then you’ll need to do the same for them.

When you come to our Forum, it’s like walking into a party.

Would you jump on a chair and yell a joke that noone understands at one single person across the room? Would you butt into a conversation without smiling or introducing yourself? Would you say every single thought that goes through your head without stopping for breath? Would you fork out medical advice to people you meet at the party? If you wanted to tell your hosts they were out of loo paper, would you make an announcement to the whole party?

Maybe you would. But you wouldn’t get invited back.

We are keen that you have the best possible experience using our Forum, sharing your knowledge and experiences of living with diabetes.

Reviewing and referring to this page is an important part of joining and participating in our online community. If you have any further queries please contact the managers of the Forum directly.


The volunteer managers of the Forum are:

To contact us with any questions or comments please email Forumhelp@realitycheck.org.au.

Reviewed 16 November, 2005

All times are GMT + 11 Hours

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